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Full-service San Francisco contractor specializes in retrofits, ADUs and remodels

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The clock is ticking on
San Francisco’s Mandatory
Seismic Retrofit program

No one can know when the next seismic event will occur, or where it will register on the Richter scale. But the City of San Francisco has mandated that owners of soft story buildings permitted before January 1978 shore up their structures to be prepared.

San Francisco contractor DeBrus Construction has completed seismic retrofits for commercial and residential buildings all over the city. Let us help you meet the critical deadlines and avoid penalties.

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Remodel or Expand

Maximize your living space by removing a wall or adding an ADU (Accessory Dwelling Unit). Talk to DeBrus Construction about our remodeling services.

Shore Up

Most concrete or brick foundations in San Francisco are not reinforced with rebar. Even if your property does not require a mandated retrofit, a structural upgrade may be a worthwhile safeguard.

Add or Convert a Garage

Start from scratch, expand an existing garage into a hillside, or turn it into a family room. The DeBrus team can do it all, even on a challenging slope.